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Our award-winning automated advertising service allows our clients to run up-to-the-minute offers in their online ads, with no production costs and no need to traffic new creatives.

Our clients can easily change any aspect of their ads whenever they need to - either manually or automatically from a feed, with no hassle to the publisher. And by showing constantly-changing offers, they increase the relevance of their ad spaces and improve clickthrough and conversion.

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  • Connextra enables integration of live data into online adverts.
  • Typically 50% better conversion rate compared to standard online advertising.
  • Workbench web interface provides instant management of marketing campaign and real-time statistics.
  • Features include: Contextual targeting, Customer targeting, Automatic optimisation, Advert sequencing, Frequency capping, Third party tracking integration.
  • Leading market share in the betting sector.
  • Connextra is a subsidiary of Betgenius Ltd.